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Release Sep 4, 2006


New Features:
-Outlook 2007 BETA support
-New dynamic params
{OUTLOOK_FOLDER_FULL} runtime value:
Current Outlook folder full path and name
{OUTLOOK_FOLDER_NAME} runtime value:
Current Outlook folder name
{COMPUTER_NAME} runtime value:
Current NetBIOS name of the local computer

-Dynamic params can be used inside custom SQL Commands
-Copy a folder configuration to other folders of the same type
-New advanced option to set cache file (for slow networks/hosted exchange)
-Options to Ignore where filter during updates/deletes
-Prepare Load All optimized
-Auto.Load selected item(s)
-Offline handling

Bug Fixes:
Wrong Toolbar events when multiple explorers open
Wrong Oracle date datatype interpretation
mySQL ANSI Quoted Identifier fixed
Copy->Paste Calendar item is using the same primary key as the original Item.
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