Thank you for the great plug in for outlook for DVB logic – great stuff.

I have a machine I wish to fully uninstall it from however and thought I had but I am still seeing some parts installed - specificaly:

• When I see my calendars on my android mobile it still shows the channels (calendars) despite them being deleted on the Outlook where the add in was installed? I use exchange.
• I have categories still present on the Outlook despite uninstall process being undertake (TV categories and record etc.)
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
When you unistall DVBLink for Outlook only the add-on components will be uninstalled.
The uninstall process wil not delete any folders or categories.

-to Delete the folders manually
in Outlook: right click the folder->Delete Folder

-to Delete the categories
click ribbon button “Categorize”->All Categories. Check items to delete and click button Delete.

When the Outlook folders are already deleted and you can still see them on your android phone, Please Contact the Manufacturer of Android Sync software.
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