I have downloaded and tested outlook connect, i am going to use it to link multiple outlook folderds to multiple access tables.

I tested outlook connect with 1 contact 5 times then tried to set up another folder and link contacts but i started getting errors.

how many contacts can i load with the demo and what message should i recive if i have reached the limit.

I have tried to load just 1 contact and get too few paramiters error.

as soon as i see it working on 2 folders my order will be placed.


I think this is SQL Error. This means your link (Outlook field <->DB Field) is not correct.
I think it was a sql error, i dont know how i fixed it but it works fine, and i have purchased the product single business user.

Everything is working ok and i have 50 tables linked to 50 outlook folders.

When i update my database and remove a record i want outlook connet to remove the contact from outlook when i syncronise, at the moment it does not.
Can you please advise me of what settings i should use for this to happen.

many thanks andrew.
you need multi user or Business version to delete contact items from contact folder.